Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Big Sur

3 postings today, I didn't expect to make any because we are pretty remote, but we drove back down the way, such is my commitment. That and we needed a liquor store. I think you can tell by the sketch that we're starting to feel the San Fransico Chill. Hope to post again tomorrow. Thanks for staying tuned.


karen said...

I love this one, and yes it does look cold, so you must have captured it perfectly. Its been great checking in every day and seeing some of the things that you are all seeing... Actually one thing though... Has Iain put on a bit of weight since you and Angie got married? Or are you drinking too much and your perspective has gone off?....Oops! Sorry

Arkady Roytman said...

gorgeous Steve, just gorgeous.

i can stare at that one for hours.

keep them coming.

Susie said...

This one and the jazz one really do it for me. Oh hey -- tell Angie I have her sunglasses! Come home soon.

Stephen Gardner said...

thanks for checking in Guys.

Karen- I'm glad your enjoying this, as regards Iain I don't think I've been doing him any favours with the drawingd so far, I'll try to do him justice before the trip is over. I'm happy that your taking part in this and I always enjoy your comments.

Arkady- thanks for the encouragement, look forward to seeing you at the Society. I'm hoping to be at drawing class next Tuesday.

Susie-The jazz drawing, I think, is the direction I would like to head in so I'm glad to hear that. Thanks. Angie will be pleased about the sunglasses.