Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nancy Whiskey Pub

This one has to be in the book. It's on Lispenard St at West Broadway and it's a classic dive. I only recently came across it but is really sums up old New York. If you are popping into Pearl Paint for some supplies, stop off for a quickie. Come back tomorrow and I might take you inside.


Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Dude! The bar man's back. We missed you.

Munich Newman said...

Baaaar Maaaaaaan nice one, like it.

Sadami said...

Dear Stephen,
Harmony and unification of colours are outstanding. Keep up good work.
Kind regards,

Anais said...

Fantastic drawing Stephen! Love it

larry said...

I'm with Hans. I was missing the bars. Great perspective as always.

I'll be in the city today but working through lunch at a couple of reference photo shoots. let me know where you'll be today via text or email.


Stephen Gardner said...

This project could go on forever, I certainly wouldn't mind, although Angie might have something to say about it.