Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Is It

Subject to the art directors approval. I took into account all your comments and thank you all for taking an interest. There maybe more work to do yet, I will keep you posted so to speak. This morning I'm thinking go Spain because I'm watching with some Spanish types, it I had to predict a score it would be Spain 11 Holland 10 after extra time, I'm never wrong about these things.


Moish said...

Nice! Thanks for having us along for the journey. Good luck with the art director.

Bob Mrotek said...

I love it!

Munich Newman said...

I knew you would produce another winner. I'm guessing, the art director will want some changes, after all, that's why he's an AD.
Just hope he's not dutch, because as it's looking, they should all the soccer team should go to jail the way they're playing right now. Foot in the chest, what's THAT about?

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

He was probably aiming at his teeth. Not a great game, not a great result. Ah well, we've got Euros in 2012 to get disappointed about next. Nice painting, would love to see the reference shots out of curiosity to see what you did with them.

Munich Newman said...

I guess if were more used to watching soccer, I would also be more used to the disappointment.
MOST of the German matches were interesting, I thought.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks everyone and my prediction, other than the score line, was right. Spain deserved that.

As for the job, it went out today, which means a check in 6 months. my cup runneth over