Monday, July 12, 2010

Color Sketch

This is a color sketch in oil that was part of our homework assignment. It deals with color matching and not drawing which is why it looks a little abstract. Class tonight.


Munich Newman said...

This is wonderful, how does it feel to you?

Sadami said...

Dear Stephen,
Your work and challenging spirit is wonderful.
Kind regards,

Bri Hermanson said...

You knocked it out of the park! Awesome painting! It makes me want to leave mine on a train.

I have a little present for you. I'll bring it tonight.

wawos said...

Nice ... very nice. Good!


Shigune Matsui said...

I love it! I never did oil painting before, just watercolor.

Moish said...

Wow! I like it.
The master of realism goes abstract!
Good luck with the oil, and as always, thanks for taking us along.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Colour sketch? More like beautiful painting! I'd have that on my wall.

Munich Newman said...

Me too.
Is it for sale?

Stephen Gardner said...

I'm really enjoying the oil thing, I'm determined to keep it going.

Thanks everyone, expect more of these in the future.

Everything is for sale.

Robin said... can do just about any type of art....really nice...!!colorful my favorite kind..!