Monday, April 19, 2010


For such is her name. My sister in law to be more precise. Topical news item, Trees and family should have been back in Scotland as of today but for a silly volcano in Iceland. April 30th is the best the airlines can promise, it's and ill wind as they say, Angie hasn't stopped smiling.


Munich Newman said...

She looks like Ange only different.
Nice pic Steve.
Is Trees Katie's Mummy, I'm thinking yes. Or as they say sometimes in German, "I'm sinking yes." Sossy.

Chad Wallace said...

She does look a bit like Angie. Nice touch Steve. I have a set of watercolor pencils that I haven't even opened... Thanks for the inspiration.

By the way I am planning on going to life drawing on Thursday if you're around.

Anthony Duce said...

Very good portrait. Like the mix of lines and paint

Tristan Alexander said...

Maybe you should do a Valcano sketch?

Moish said...

I see the color from LA is sticking around.

Munich Newman said...

An air of Mick Hucknall here too?

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Every deadly jet-engine-destroying volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining.

Stephen Gardner said...

Trees is indeed Katie's mum.

Chad I might well be on, let's talk.

Thanks guys.

Munich Newman said...

Bingo! Yahoo!
Another sausage for meeeeee.

And I agree with Hans.