Monday, April 26, 2010

Alternate Side Of The Street Parking

This is one of my true joys in life, a joy which is enhanced greatly by the odd parking ticket. I was lucky enough to get one last week for being just 5 minutes late. I was smiling all day about that. The city makes approximately $1,000,000 a day from parking tickets so I really feel grateful at being given the chance to throw some cash into the mix, it's all for a good cause.


Munich Newman said...

Excellent sketch, I'm happy.
WV: dizesip
I reckon Hans'll agree perhaps

Anthony Duce said...

Great sketch.

Michelle said...

Nice to know you are doing your part! I am amazed how close people park to each other in Manhattan...I don't think I could ever drive there...way to timid!

Great sketch...did you do this from memory, or can you drive and draw as well?


Moish said...

Are you double parked waiting for the hour to finish so you can park near the curb again? You seem too close to the cars on the left.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Do you really have furry dice dangling from your rear view mirror? Perhaps a view out back incorporating the nodding dog next? Fraser, of course I do. Goes without saying. Agreeing with you saves me the bother of always having to type out long gushing complimentary prose about the wonderful art on display here, and I can stick to the lame jokes.
WV: eleha

Art with Liz said...

Oh well, comes from driving on the wrong side of the road! Great sketch.

Stephen Gardner said...

I was doubled parked for this drawing and waiting until I could re-park on the other side of the street. The furry dice were given to us by Angie's sister and we only use them on special occasions like alternate side of the street parking days.


heidi Younger Illustration said...

Oh that Parking angst. I hear you brother!
Nice drawing, as always!

Stephen Gardner said...

Another day another ticket.