Monday, February 22, 2010


Better then yesterday, that is. I'm going to experiment with color on some of these, why not?


Trevor Lingard said...

Its always a pleasure to see your sketches.
You do indeed capture the characters,
and are indeed a master of the sketch board.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks Trevor, I needed that today.

Cammi Peterson said...

Stephen, I love your work all of it.. I don't think any of it is weak. You inspire me. That's why I started drawing portraits myself.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful, inspiring art work with us! :)

Munich Newman said...

This is great.
Maybe you got so good at it, it's boring. As a new challenge, perhaps just visualize and sketch them all naked or something, and hope they don't look at your result when they get off the train.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

He hasn't done a nude in a bar yet, but a nude on a train.... Hmmmm.... A long shot, but it might just work. I agree with you Fraser.

Stephen Gardner said...

Cammi, thanks so much for your kind words, are you going to start a blog so we can see what you are up to?

Fraser, a nude on a train? I'll have a go.

Hans, a nude in a bar, I owe you one don't I.

Cammi said...

Your most welcome hun! I have an art blog though I put up more then portraits on it!! Check out my latest at

I hope it's okay I put in my link dear.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks for the link Cammi.