Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bag Dude

Dude with bag, bag dude. If he had been in Baghdad he could have been 'Bag Dude In Baghdad". Oh well.


Sheila said...

I nearly spit out my morning coffee when I read your description of Bag Dude. I'm just glad he wasn't a Bad Bag Dude with a Dud Bag Bomb from Bombay Bay.

Stephen Gardner said...

Sheila, I love you.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Or a.... nah, I can't beat Sheila. Not at this time of the morning. Sheila, I love you too. And I bet so does Fraser.

travelingsuep said...

Sheila's just stolen my words... excepted I choked on my tea just now.

Fabulous drawing.

Munich Newman said...

I do Hans, I do.

Reminds me of the Asien wrestler whos father has Diahoarea (I'm sure we all know it but here it is anyway: a slap-happy Jappy with a crap-happy Pappy.
Go on NY-Steve, seek and sketch.

Oh yeah, nice sketch dude.

Stephen Gardner said...

We are one big love fest. Thanks all.