Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Faces

On the 5 train to Manhattan. I start to see the same people day in day out because I'm looking for subjects. I'll never know these people in any other way than traveling companions, one can only guess at their lives.


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

The feller is a tux sales man who loves his job and loves his starbucks even more, the woman is a corporate executive who still lives with her mother... there I tired to fill in the gaps.

Ira Robbins said...

yeah, its true. I "rented" a tux from that guy, it didn't fit though.
Next door, they serve up a mean capacapmochalattesyrupyochachino iced off course and in a grande take out cup with a biodegradable lid and left over christmas decor bag, oh and sugar on the side with embossed pink starbucks logos. But that executive gal can be so anxious and bosterous waiting ahead of you on line..all the time speaking on her iphone..then she orders 4 of the above, three with extra syrup and you wait and wait..while the tux gets more and more wrinkled..anyway the wedding was a blast...they served starbucks of course..

sorry for this but it seemed hard to resist.

i like this drawing Stephen..she blooms and he is so sharp.

Stephen Gardner said...

Love it guys, you've started something now, I'm going to be looking in a different way from now on.