Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fridays Homeward Bound

The subway ride home on Fridays always seem to take forever, trains creeping along as opposed to that Monday morning express ride to work. I think the MTA does it on purpose.

This site got a write up in the Brooklyn Eagle which I'm really delighted about. Please go to the Brooklyn Eagle link and check it out.

Thanks Caitlin


Terry Banderas said...

Always nice to get some INK isn't it? What a nice article. I have been fortunate to find some newspapers that have put my stuff in their sections. Feels good.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Dude, cool article! I once got a double page centre spread in the Culm Valley Gazette and people were stopping me in the street and the school playground... But you know what they say, "Today's headline, tomorrow's chip wrapper." And its true. I'm still having trouble adjusting.

Stephen Gardner said...

It's the first time I've ever made the papers other than for hi-jinks. Now I'm in the mood for chips.

Susie said...

Hey, that's a great profile!!! Congrats. Well-written and well-deserved.