Saturday, December 29, 2007

Last Night at the Lobster

is the book I bought Angie for Christmas, she really enjoyed it and finished it already. You should go to Barnes and Noble and buy it, it's written by Stewart O'Nan.


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

what a lovely drawing. Cozy, tea mug and a good book!
about the verification, don't feel dirty. I had to do it. Getting too many advertisers trying to use my posts. (surprised it hasn't happened to you yet?)

iainbrydon said...

Now this really is my cousin-in-law.....looking fab! :-)

I love this....and it makes me think of wee Angie having a really nice day. Give her my love.


Stephen Gardner said...

I was really happy with this drawing, it's been a tonic and has got me fired up again. thanks guys

Nicole said...

hey guys, as i have been told off for not leaving comments anymore i thought i should go back a few days and leave some! :) i like this picture, makes me miss aunty a! :( 2 years since i've seen you now! :( xXx