Saturday, December 1, 2007

Drawing session

People can be more interesting than stuffed animals although this is often not the case.


Mary and John D said...

Hello from Scotland - Auntie Mary here signing in for the first time (Gillian's just shown me). No excuses now. Enjoyed all the sketches so far, looking forward to those to come!

iainbrydon said...

Happy December my friend. Sorry I didn't reply to your E-mail...been a wee bit busy! Anyway, both GB and myself are good. Hope you two are well?

Like this mate but looking fwd to more of your recent colour pieces of work.

Susie said...

beautiful and so very myc romantic.

Stephen Gardner said...

Welcome Aunty Mary, I'm delighted that you've made the leap. Glad to know you've been checking in. I'll try and keep things interesting.
I'm working on some more colour pieces Iain but, as you canno doubt tell, they get very time consuming.
Hey susie we did it.