Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Color Comp

So this is where we ended up. I think it's pretty cute. Tomorrow I'll post the finished painting.


Janine said...

It´s absolutly cute and I like that dog.
I wonder what happens to him.
What book do you illustrate?

Moish said...

I think the other sketches portray more mystery, but as long as the client is happy and pays on time.
I also notice your recurrent use of trees/foliage to frame the image. You had it in some recent other book covers.

Stephen Gardner said...

Janine, this is called "Plantation Shudders" and is hopefully part of a series that will last a good while.

Moish, you are right about the mystery aspect. I was told late in the process that this was a funny mystery.
The foliage is a trick of framing I use all too often. Well spotted.