Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sketch 2

Sketch 2, this one went a little weird, more on that later, busy day on Saturday so amother no post, more on that later too.


Moish said...

The first one looks like you are using warmer colors on the front one to make it pop, and cooler colors on the back profile one to make it recede.
What's going on in the second one?
Are you just having fun with the rainbow, is this a demo to show that value is value regardless of color, or are you just having fun/doing something different?

Stephen Gardner said...

This was a tough one Moish, It was a commission with the theme of diversity, I went with the rainbow for that reason. I abandoned it partly because Shaquile cancelled his talk and partly because it just was not working, I have more sketches and I have a mostly finished painting but......I'm not sure how or if I will finish it.