Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Paris Street Scene

Happy New Year everybody, ok it's been a long while again since I posted. I make no promises about daily posting but I have lots of new pieces to share, both drawings and paintings. Once again best wishes for the new year and thanks for continuing to stop by even when you haven't seen anything new for a while.
Also, this is a painting I made form a bunch of photos I took on a recent trip to Paris, I'd never seen like quite like this.


Munich Newman said...

Steve, I like this very much.
I find the lighting particularly suberb.

Janine said...

Oh my God, I can´t believe that this is a painting.
This is unbelievable.
I love this.
I have been to Paris for a short trip in November, and your painting, takes me right back.

Annie Falmouth said...

Hi Steve from Falmouth.
What a wonderful piece of work; truly beautiful.
The light; the colour;the atmosphere. I'll be looking at your work regularly from now on.

Stephen Gardner said...

Fraser, thanks for checking in, Hope you Christa and the kids are all doing well.
Janine, thanks, I painted this for my wife as a souvenir of our trip in 2012 for the very reason of taking us both back to that time.
Annie, is that you? I'm so glad to hear from you, I'll try to keep it interesting. Hope all is going well down there in Falmouth, how I long to return.