Sunday, November 18, 2012


Here are a couple of stages of a painting demonstration in doing for one of my classes at FIT. I'm working in gouache and building the values in washes, working up the whole image at the same time. I have reference for each element of the painting and as I get closer to finishing I'll start to ad additional elements to support to story telling.


Ray Greaves said...

I love the initial simplicity of this one, especially the color choice against the dreary background.

Stephen Gardner said...

Hey Ray, nice to hear from you. how you doing? I'm going 3 colors heres but i think I'm going to add a bunch of stuff as I go because of the demo factor.

Ray Greaves said...

I'm in self imposed exile until I finish a new batch of work. haha

Was there a background story to this piece or is it just an image you had going in your head?