Friday, May 11, 2012


Always quick with the snappy title, that's me. I had to take our car in for an oil change, of course it's never simple, I had to have the transmission fluid changed again after not even a year. I ask you, did I get had. I know nothing about cars.


Moish said...

One of those 10 minute places around here? I try to just use them just for oil changes. They do try to push all sorts of extras on you, even using the "if you don't care about your car, hey..." type of tactics. Hope you just got a fluid change and not a transmission flush.
Nice Toyota FJ Cruiser!

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

I agree with Moish.

Stephen Gardner said...

Hey Moish, that car aint mine and yes I got the whole transmission flush for $119 for the second time this year. I knew something was up.

Hans, I agree with Moish too.


Moish said...

"Nice Toyota FJ Cruiser!" was about the drawing.
I like any sketch of a car where I can tell the make & model.
The $119 is thet small part. Unless your car is super maintained, a transmission flush can blow your transmission. It blew mine. 3 days after the flush it just wouldn't go out of 2nd gear. Had to chance the whole thing.
"dirty" transmission fluid is fine as long as there is no leak. You can have loose stuff in the transmission and it can work for years, but a flush can loosen and break it. Those places are still good for a very quick oil change but don't take any "upgrades".

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks Moish, I'll know better next time.