Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've made a good start here but my goal is to try not to over work is and keep some edges soft, it's about editing which has never been my strong point.


graziano tessarolo said...

I like your posts.

Moish said...

Very nice!
I like your lettering, also the fire escape hanging down is very New York.

Balaji said...

These are very nice!
Are these the actual colours or do you decide and put together whatever would make your painting work?

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks guys, it feel good to be back to regular posting.

Balaji, these are as close to the actual colors as I can get, I'm going for color with these painting in terms of sophistication, not easy for me but I'm starting to get better.

Balaji said...

Thanks Stephen. I appreciate your answering my question.