Friday, September 23, 2011

Beale Air Force Base

So was a beauty, once again, I can't give to the details but I'm enjoying you all filling me in. These jets were used to train pilots and were in full use. whilst this does not come across in the sketch, they were big black and mean looking.


larry said...

I think that's the BAE Systems Hawk Advanced Jet Training System AJTS. Again, your stellar draftsmanship is on display.

Terry Banderas said...

Great sketches. This air base is 25
miles up the road from where we live. Hope it's not too hot on the tarmac.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

I think it is a T-38 Talon jet trainer. I'm trying to out-nerd Larry.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks Larry you win again.

Terry, it was a furnace out there.

Hans, I'll take your word for it, sleek, black and nasty is all I could tell you.