Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Port Jervis Train

Knocked this one off whilst I was waiting for Angie's train to arrive. You are never alone with a sketchbook.


Munich Newman said...

Knocking one off in public is tricky.
Great sketch, really nice, made me think of Nick Trudgeon.

wagonized said...

Oh boy. I live close to Port Jervis.
Love your perspectives.

AnAis said...

Love this: simple and clear :)

Douglas Thayer said...

Fantastic sketch. I don't know where Port Jervis is but this must be an excursion train. Looks like either an "F" or "E" unit A-B set. And it's on a turntable. Nice job.

emikk said...

Did you put a penny on the tracks?

Gracia said...

I want to think the train was stopped in the station for a while... ;-) Great drawing!!

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

I find myself in complete agreement with Fraser.

Stephen Gardner said...

Fraser, Always think of Nick when drawing trains.

France, where are you exactly, we come up every weekend during the summer to highland lake near Barryville.

AnAis, thanks.

Douglas, well spotted.

Emikk, welcome back and no but I will next time.

Gracia, the train was stopped, thanks.

Hans, I agree with you about agreeing with Fraser.