Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ear Inn

Here is another look at the Ear Inn featuring the "Ear Regulars" jazz quartet. Still needs some figuring out but I think this is stronger.


Who said...

I am relative new to the art world and I find your blog fascinating.
With that said I am going to add my two cents worth here. Also I know each one of us will see something different than the artist and it is purely subjective interpretation.
In your first sketch of Ear Inn, I like it but it (don't take this wrong) seems dull. The people and bar maid seem like they would rather be somewhere else. The sketch itself has a lot of character but not sure what you could add to make it fun like in McSorelys.
The second Ear Sketch is well on it's way to being a more lively piece. I can't really explain it but it makes me feel good inside.
I hope it is ok, as you are the teacher and I am the student, I have learned a lot by just watching your blog daily.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks Mike, I appreciate your comments and I agree with you. I'm going to final drawing stage so I hope you stay tuned.

Jeff A. Menges said...

I like where this one is headed.