Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks Larry

My friend Larry sent this sketch of me yesterday from the photo Angie took at McSorley's that I posted a few days ago and I had to share it. For those of you who haven't seen Larry's blog you should check it out HERE. Larry does a drawing on newspaper each morning and always has a point of view. Go visit Larry's site and tomorrow I'll have an LA drawing for you, that's a promise.


Sheila said...

You have such cool and talented friends.

larry said...

You're welcome Steve, it's only a thirty second doodle...not worthy of your talent or on par with your beautifully observed sketches, but thank you. You're very kind.

Rosy said...

Thanks I am looking forward at checking out your friend's blog.

He is also very good at sketching too.

Stephen Gardner said...

Sheila, I'm blessed.

Larry, I love this drawing, thank you.

Rosy, I agree.

Munich Newman said...

With the other doodles, the newspaper is the right way up.
Larry, well observed. Like the blo, will have a better look when I'm not up against a deadline.