Monday, December 29, 2008

Pete's Tavern

Another New York classic, Pete's claims to be the oldest original bar in New York having been open since 1864, there seems to be a lot on contention about this as a few other bars make similar claims. I'll get to the bottom of this my friends, research is key.


memi said...

this is a sweet drawing, Stephen.
Great lettering!

Happy New Year to you and Ang!

Chad Wallace said...

Memi beat me to it... great lettering

Karel Tuinart said...

Master full drawing stuff here Stephen!

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks guys, sometimes it becomes a labour of love.

Ana Tirolese said...

This is excellent. I have been remiss in commenting, mainly because I have not been on the computer. However, I really enjoy your sketches and blog. Keep it up.