Monday, October 20, 2008

Three's A Crowd

Although sat at a different table, the guy on the left was with the two on the right. He kept trying to get into the conversation but had no luck. Eventually they all got into a car and drove off, guess who sat in the back. In order of popularity he might have been no3 but I'm sure he felt like no2.


wagonized said...

He does look like he is having a no.2-ish kind of a day too. Poor bugger.
I get a kick out of your observations.

Lisa Reed said...

Ohh no!! Those two don't deserve a friend like him anyway!
Very fun getting close to people we don't even know, isn't it? Nice sketch!

Susie said...

Fantastically clever description. Sketch awesome as ever.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks guys I really liked doing this one because I got to see this scene play out. A rare moment.