Monday, August 18, 2008

Manhattan View

We are cat sitting for friends at the moment while our kitchen is being renovated. It's one of those dream apartments that has a large terrace with a Manhattan view, it feels like we're on holiday.


Suzanne said...

Ahhh, home!

I love the timeless feel of this.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Dude, I'm back! Bet you missed my comments. I was on hols in Spain. Catching up with Sketch of the Day was really cool, and I did manage one drawing myself when I was away, which I'll put on my blog later. The nude 2 days ago is my fave I think from the last 3 weeks. I think.

Nicole said...

Awwww it's so pretty! Wish i was there, first day of work today and i already wanna retire!!!

ecccch said...

Can I house sit there?

Stephen Gardner said...

Suzanne, I'm delighted to be able to evoke a feeling of your old stomping ground, thanks for looking.

Hans, glad to have you back sir, where's my bloody drawing.

Nicole, you and me both darlin'.

Ecccch, there is a waiting list to cat sit as long as your arm.

wagonized said...

Oh, sweetness.