Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Truck Meet

some times trucks get lonely.


memi said...

There's something about LA for you and your sketchbook, Steve....

Nicole said...

hey guys :)
Like the trucks steve, i'm feeling a bit like a lonely truck myself at the mo :(
Was hoping to get over to see you guys some time this year! possibly september?

Byeeeeee xxx

iainbrydon said...

We demand a sketch of a group of Jeep's.....or should that be Geep's.........the laughter at Kingman we had re that one! :-)

Stephen Gardner said...

Memi, LA is where it all started for me one year ago thanks to your encouragement. I made the whole trip about drawing and the weather didn't hurt at all. See you soon.

Cole, Don't be a lonely truck, September seems good.

Iain, Kingman seems so long ago. what a bloody hell day that was.