Saturday, September 8, 2007

Study of my mother with Tea

I'm still working on the ultimate drawing probably titled "Study of my Mother with Gin and Tonic"


Gillian said...

Go on Pat, get the G & T on the go, it's five o'clock somewhere! It's mid-day here and Iain and I are supping memosas - his 35th birthday and our 7th wed anniversary. So have one for us!

karen said...

Good, good, good. You've found mum in time to send her home to me... I knew you could do it... I'm pleased you are all having a great time... Personally I played a game of squash on Saturday for the first time in 4 years... to say that I am in pain today is the understatement of the year... Hopefully I'll be walking again by the weekend... I need that G&T

Stephen Gardner said...

Happy birthday Iain, Happy anniversary to the both of you and see you soon.

Karen, I'm glad this one passed with your approval after my first effort. Mun was a real challenge but I do have one more of them each I'll post a t some point. Take care and keep up with the squash.