Friday, June 29, 2007

So long Manhattan

So here's the deal. we're going on vaction today and from tomorrow all postings should be drawings done on the trip (internet willing). If I miss a day i'll make up for it by posting an extra drawing. The drawing part will not be a problem. Stay tuned as I head for an adventure. We start the trip in Vegas and take a car to... i don't want to spoil the suprise.
Stay cool


karen said...

Hope you both have a fabulous holiday... I look forward to seeing the sketches of your adventures... They are better than postcards, as postcards always arrive about a month after you've got back. HAVE FUN and BE SAFE. Remember we're watching! xxxxxxxxx

Chris Leavy said...

Here's the deal............ dish the dirt on G..... and capture IB's manboobs!! I have to admit to checking the site every day. Have a great time

pencilwizard said...

Loved reading your blog,and looking at your sketches. Came to your blog/site via your Dad, who comes to our art group.Loved the Unforgiven picture, my favorite,and will be checking back regular. Have a great vacation.

Simon said...

Have a great trip guys. Looking forward to the alternative postcards.


Herman said...

Dude, hope to see some weird stuff soon! Good luck, have a great adventure! Me and J9 are in Florida 1st 2 weeks of August, can't wait.


Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks for checking in Guys. the real adventure starts on Saturday in Vegas. Freak central, I'm hoping anyway.