Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here We Go Again

I've posted this one before but it just seems to fit to well not to post it again. I did this drawing after England got knocked out of the World Cup four years go, I will be doing another version of it this time but as of yet we are still alive, barely.


Unknown said...

oh I hope not, although it was a dreadful start yesterday.

Fabulous drawing Stephen, just wish it was a different team.

Sadami said...

Dear Stephen,
Nice sketching! Yes, I enjoyed this sketch before that motivated me to try a pen for capturing "people." Keep up your wonderful work!
Kind regards,

Christian Castro said...

That's exactly how I looked while I was watching the USA vs England game. Great sketch!

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Get ready to post the triumphant sketch, things will be different on Friday!

Steve Cox said...

Brilliant sketch Steve. It's England's Groundhog Day when everything just keeps repeating itself.

I'm hoping we are going to see a much more focused England side on Friday.

Did you get my email to your website 'info' address by the way?

Manel said...

Absolutely wonderful work!

wagonized said...

It reminds me of the atmosphere in that crowded bar in NYC where we were watching the Italy/France final. Must have been an identical expression on people's faces when we realized that Zidane was kicked out. We knew we were screwed.
Brilliant drawing -- like everything you do.

Randall said...

Amazingly captured Stephen. I've been sketching people before and laying watercolors in but this is really well done. Got a long way to go to get this good. Nice job using the pitt markers. Got me some but don't use them very much because I use watercolors mostly.

Do you sketh these first then fill in color later, or from photo?


Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks everyone, this really was a moment in time for me and I'm hoping to capture another one this time around.

This drawing was created from photos I took during the penalty shoot out when Portugal knocked England out in 2006.

Graphic Designer said...

i'm loving this so much. great details.