Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Finished Yet

I put some time in but I had some other things to deal with, I'll finish today, I'm sure....pretty sure.


Munich Newman said...

Getting there, more interesting for me to see another unfinished stage.

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

Depends what you call finished, doesn't it though. I'd kill to have the self-control to leave it alone, right there. Looks great.WV has been a bit dull lately but today its a classic, but for two missing letters:


Munich Newman said...

Must agree with Hans.
WV: desslye
- dunno, any ideas?

Moish said...

It is great to see the development! It gives an appreciation how much work goes into the finished product.

Munich Newman said...

re. borox, sorry, too obvious- Asian genitals?

WV: eporgy
- pigs having group sex?

Unknown said...

What else you have to do with this?Looks finished to me and a very handsome painting at that even.

Steve Cox said...

Interesting to see these stages behind the final image. It reminds me that I keep meaning to do something similar from a digital artwork perspective...but then I keep forgetting. I might have to deconstruct something instead.

WV: trametiq

Etiquette of public transport, ie, giving one's seat up for the infirm. First used by late Victorians on horse-drawn trams in London.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks guys. always great to hear from you and the WV seem to be catching on.

Steve I'd love to see some deconstruction thing from you.