Friday, May 7, 2010


I could do more but for the purposes of a demo this will do. I'm off to do another one this morning so we'll start it all again on Monday with a different image. nice to have something to look forward to.


Munich Newman said...

Beautifully done and well left at that point.
WV: crale
- ?

Moish said...

Nice! you are a master!
the figurative part of me likes the first gouache "Demo" better. seems more exotic.
If I may humbly ask, what is the benefit of the yellow undercoat on the torso as opposed to mixing the final color you want, and painting it in one coat of paint?

Hans Jenssen Illustration said...

I agree entirely with Fraser. If it was me, I'd have worked on it for another 12 hours and made it worse. You know its true!

WV: Roafe. A Chinese loaf.

Unknown said...

Yeah Steve, great demo.

Susie Felber said...

Love it! He's cute too. A Val Kilmer/Johnny Daemon hybrid.

Stephen Gardner said...

Fraser, thanks. Crale-to crave ale.

Moish. I like to start a painting with a mid tone and build the image up tonally first. Painting blue over it's complimentary orange adds vibrancy to the final painting.

Hans, you got the goods.

Thanks Chad, see you soon.

Susie, I hope to see you soon too.

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful ! thanks for it! so much!